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Dearest MC members,
This is not an easy message to share. As of yesterday, April 5, 2017, MentorCONNECT has officially closed our doors for good. We will miss each one of you and treasure the memories from the months (and in some cases, years) we spent serving and supporting one another within the MC community.
Keeping a nonprofit organization going is its own labor of love. There is no doubt many of you will read this and immediately ask, “Why? Why did you close?” The simple truth is, after 8 wonderful years, the reality of our monthly financial needs finally outpaced what we could raise in sponsorships and donations. However, the legacy we have created together will never close its doors. And YOU are each the light-bearers for the next generation of mentoring for eating disorders recovery support.
Back in early 2009, when MentorCONNECT first launched, no one was talking about mentoring for people struggling to recover from eating disorders.  We were the only organization of our kind in the eating disorders field. It was very exciting in some ways and very lonely in other ways!
Today, so much has changed. By partnering with researchers, we were able to generate data to prove that mentoring really DOES help recovering people heal. By reaching out at conferences, over teleconferences, in print, on social media and in the greater community, we have been able to spread the word that recovered people, mentors, are precious gifts who can inspire and encourage us all.
Most importantly, today we are no longer the only group working to help recovering and recovered persons find one another for recovery support. Now there are other organizations offering mentoring in the context of eating disorders recovery support, and we are excited to see what the future brings!

You can learn more about these organizations plus access other great recovery support resources by visiting this link:

In summary, we truly believe our founder’s words ring truer today than ever before – Relationships replace eating disorders. YOU – your love, your compassion, your courage, your strength, your vision for what is possible when we support one another – YOU can continue to replace eating disorders in each other’s lives.
With great respect & love,
Your MentorCONNECT leadership team